From the first moment we started working at the La Cismea project, we adhered by some principles which we promised we would never break: total involvement, full attention to the needs of our clients and quality before anything. We have built a place which, first of all, appeals to us. And we didn’t stop there. Because we want to be the best and make some other things even more beautiful, we continued to invest. Thus, we would like to announce with great enthusiasm that La Cismea Marsani has another event lounge, with a capacity of 150-200 people, perfectly set up for smaller weddings or christenings.


The lounge was projected to be an extension of the already existing lounge. Thus, we will be able to host either two separate events, either a single larger event, as the two lounges may be unified to turn into a single lounge with a capacity of 450-500 people. The interior of the lounges will be unitary, and we will do our best to keep in mind the pointers given by the main people celebrating. Besides, we also have a hotel available, in which you may host your guests from the event or you may choose to spend a few days in it, far away from the hustle of the city. Furthermore, our location includes a terrace and pool, both meant to offer relaxation and fun.



No matter who is organizing the event in our place, we always take care to treat it with respect and kindness, so they want to return anytime with pleasure.


The location is a plus. Situated in the heart of nature, it allows the guests to enjoy a dreamy scenery, fresh air, and photos that will become unforgettable memories.


The fact that we can adapt the tent size, depending on the number of guests, offers freedom and versatility to those who pick us as their planners.


I allowed myself to extend a bit the meaning of this proverb. Therefore, us, those who gather at La Cismea, we firmly believe that everyone who enters our place must have a good time. And we always are looking to make the place „holy”.


We chose a nature corner, far away from the noise and hecticness, we looked for delicious recipes, cooked by chefs with a good reputation, we created a welcoming décor, we formed a team with nice personnel and we built a lodging place with modern standards. The rest are just minor details which we clarify with our guests.


Cristian Carjaliu – manager of the La Cismea Marsani complex